Dargo Bush Nursing Centre to benefit from additional funding

Published: June 20, 2021
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Access to the services provided by 6 bush nursing centers for remote farmers will be improved as a results of $325,000 of additional funding.

The pilot project is funded by Smarter, Safer Farms, a $20 million Government initiative to improve safety and skills outcomes for Victorian farmers.   

The pilot will take place in East Gippsland’s high-country, with centres in Dargo, Ensay, Gelantipy District, Swifts Creek, Buchan, and Cann Valley all receiving funding. The centres will deliver additional services while providing primary health, community, clinical, emergency, home-based and referral services.

When recently interviewed by the Bairnsdale Advertiser, Nurse Manager of the Dargo Bush Nursing Centre, Sarah Car said “The monies will allow us to employ an extra staff member.” Ms Carr continued “While we are already doing on a smaller scale what the project sets out to achieve, the additional funding will allow us to employ an additional nurse 1 day per week to solely focus on the project.

The Bush Nursing pilot project will concentrate on supporting farmers who are geographically harder to reach, resulting in lower levels of engagement with health care providers.

“We know farmers in East Gippsland have faced many challenges – this program will provide opportunities for locals to benefit from more of the services our health system provides.”   says Minister for Agriculture Mary-Anne Thomas 

Outcomes of the project will guide future health and wellbeing programs for farmers in remote areas of Victoria. More information on the pilot program is available at agriculture.vic.gov.au.